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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away......*music comes in*...... If you’ve started imagining things in your head, that’s good, and that’s what we do. We help you to visualize your needs, AND turning your needs into reality. We’re really good at...


  • 1. Mobile Games Development / Serious Games Development / Game Developer

    Games is one of the best engagement tool available today, use it as your Corporate branding needs, increase Customers/Employees loyalty and even use it as a training tool; It is the most sought after method hidden in plain sight.

  • 2. Emerging Technology, Gamification and Mobile Strategy Consultancy

    Technology is a disruption to those who aren’t prepared. Instead, use it as a weapon to enhance an add value to your existing business. We can help you to navigate the ever changing technology landscape.

  • 3. Mobile Apps and Backend Development

    Formulated some idea? We’ll help you to make it a reality!

  • 4. Art Asset Development / Visual Effects and Motion Graphics

    Design! Art! 3D! We’ll lessen your burden in a cost effective manner.

    Looking for other related services? Talk to us!



Apps, Games, System and Emerging Tech

Check out our company profile (locked) here

  1. AppIcon_EjenAliEmergency | Malaysia
    Ejen Ali - Emergency
    Official Mobile Game
  2. AppIcon_SuperLilo | Malaysia
    Free Photos
  3. AppIcon_survey | Malaysia
    Survey System
    Survey System and Reporting
  4. AppIcon_SMMAdventure | Malaysia
    MRC - SMM Adventure
    Super Memory Map Adventure!
  5. AppIcon_Ummi | Malaysia
    Islamic Educational Game!
  6. AppIcon_VMW-AugmentedReality | Malaysia
    Property Augmented Reality Visualization
  7. AppIcon_JB360 | Johor Bahru
    Explore Everything in JB!
  8. AppIcon_CoronationHRHSultanIbrahimJohor | Johor Bahru
    Coronation of HRH Sultan Ibrahim of Johor
    Mobile App for The Coronation of HRH Sultan Ibrahim of Johor
  9. AppIcon_stockSitesManagement | Malaysia
    Inventory and Site Management
    For one of the country largest cleaning company
  10. AppIcon_lawfirm | Malaysia
    Legal Firm Scheduling System
    Google Calendar on Steroids!
  11. AppIcon_DirectoryApp | Malaysia
    Media Directory 2016
    Jabatan Penerangan Malaysia
  12. AppIcon_Gala365 | Malaysia
    Gala 365
    Assisting Partners in Redeem Process
  13. AppIcon_AnugerahMedia2014 | Johor Bahru
    Anugerah Media 2014
    Presentation Tech Development and Support.
  14. AppIcon_SilverBidding | Johor Bahru
    Bidding and Surrounding Visual Response
    Bidding and Surrounding Visual Response
  15. AppIcon_GlowinScratchCard | Johor Bahru
    Platform for Makeup Artists
    Digital Scratch Card!
  16. AppIcon_AppIcon_projectQevent | Johor Bahru
    Customizable Event Experience / XBox
  17. AppIcon_LeapMotionRollParcel | Johor Bahru
    A Leap Motion Project, Coming soon!
  18. AppIcon_ONz | Johor Bahru
    Bring It On.
    A Social Network Connecting Sports Players
  19. AppIcon_NexiumGame | Johor Bahru
    Game for Marketing
    A game to attract attention in an ever competitive industry
  20. AppIcon_11thJBArtFest | Johor Bahru
    Pause for the Arts
    Take your time, pause, and love life
  21. AppIcon_ABCSpace | Johor Bahru
    ABC for Little Space Explorer
    To infinity and beyond
  22. AppIcon_MyTrafficCam | Johor Bahru
    My Traffic Cam
    “Eh, jam or not?”
  23. AppIcon_ABCScience | Johor Bahru
    ABC for little Scientist
    Science is easy when its ABC
  24. AppIcon_ClearSK | Singapore
    Clear SK
    Awesome services become better.
  25. AppIcon_IskandarMalaysia | Johor Bahru
    Iskandar Malaysia
    Legoland, Hello Kitty Town… all checked!
  26. AppIcon_SORSystem | Johor Bahru
    SOR System
    It all starts with UX and UI design
  27. AppIcon_NoahsArk | Singapore
    Noah's Ark
    Noah did everything just as God commanded him - Genesis 6:22
  28. AppIcon_LittleWizyKingdom | Kuala Lumpur
    Little Wizy's Kingdom
    Mathematics is fun and magical
  29. AppIcon_WrathOfCheese | Malaysia
    Wrath of Cheese
    Say CHEESE! and FIGHT!
  30. AppIcon_PointBlast
    Point Blast
    Pew! Pew! Pew!
  31. AppIcon_XpressCover
    Xpress Cover
    There’s an insurance for that
  32. AppIcon_10thJBArtsFestival | Johor Bahru
    10th JB Art Festival
    Live the Arts!
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Join us now?

Yea, it’s a Job, it’s your future, its freedom (no, not really), it’s chaotic (yes, it is) and ultimately it is the underlying passion that drives you.

  • What do i need to prepare before i apply?

    Fill up all the necessary details on the application page and we will speak to you shortly

  • Do we accept interns?

    Yes, are/will you be a rock-star intern?

  • I like games, but i don't know anything related about it other then playing.

    Well, its a good start, there's plenty of resources and courses available online, you can even start by learning immediately, however, only the one with true passion will be able to make it into the industry.

  • What is it like to work with us ?

    Awesome freedom, free coffee and full of pallets, lol

  • Where is the office?

    For development position, we’re located in JB,KL (Malaysia).

  • Games and Apps Developer | Johor Bahru

    Games and App Developer

    You must have a passion for either Games, Web or App, and show us your past projects too.
    Applicants must be willing to work in Johor Bahru.

  • Digital Marketeer | Johor Bahru

    Digital Marketeer

    You must be creative, growth hacker so to speak.

  • Sound Engineer

    Sounds Designer and Composer

    Show us some portfolio, composed any music?

  • 3D/2D Artist

    3D/2D Artist

    Contract or Freelance, Remote work only.

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Searching for alien life


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Thanks you!
Your wish is my command.....maybe

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