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About Us

What motivates us

We're a team of passionate Game Developers, Programmers, Artists and Designers that strives to make every aspect of the project as best as we can. Projects that are impactful and even inspiring.



What matters to you, matters to us

We build digital experiences that are great.

We're a passionate team that has a high bar on themselves, and hence have a high bar on your projects. We'll consult and suggest the best way forward, regardless the project size.

Our Skills

The good stuff

We provide Full-Stack Games Development services.

Mobile Games & PC Games/Experiences

We uses Unity3D as the development platform for Mobile Games (iOS/Android) and PC/Mac-based Games. We're skilled in developing Games, Training Simulations and Interactive Experiences.

Browser Games & Experiences

Phaser 3 is our default tool of choice for Browser Games & Interactive Development; It is widely used by Brand and Campaigns that aims to reach a wide range of audience easily using Browsers.

Experimental Design

We work with different types of tools and frameworks to develop interesting experimental experiences. Augmented Reality frameworks, visual recognition and various sensors SDKs are consistenly explored and tested among our team.

Apps & Systems

Our team is proficient in PHP, Laravel, NodeJS and ReactJs; these are used for Apps & Backend Server development for all of our projects.

Games Development


Browser Games Development


Experimental Design Development


Apps & System Development

Johor Bahru Office
How does it works? How does it feels?

Concept & Design

Based on your initial idea, budget and goals, we're able to assist and guide you through the process of formalizing your ideas and suggest game design and mechanics suitable for your project.

  • Concept Art
  • Game Design Documents (GDD)
  • Layout and Wireframe
Same as previous, but on paper.


A project is half complete without documentation; this is especially true for projects with a complex system. We're able to produce documentations based on industry standards in Games Development and Software Engineering.

  • Game Design Documents (GDD)
  • Software Requirements Specification (SRS)
  • User Requirements Specification (URS)
  • Change Request Log / Test Scripts / Meeting Minutes
  • Flowcharts / Others
How user feels?


User Interface and User Experience is one of the most essential elements, a good interface will go a long way, is the button within finger's reach? Or if it's a suitable CTA (Call to Action) button? How about the color? Does it instill urgency?

  • Wireframe / Layout
  • User Interface
  • User Experiences
  • Gamification
Piece by piece coming together

Art Asset.

With Art Direction and concept art, 2D, and 3D artist will be able to implement what is required to make sure the assets are to the most superior quality.

The within.


Working closely with our clients, we're able to ensure the project meets the client expectation, our highly experience Developers, Engineers and Designers work hand in hand to ensure project excellence.

  • Games Development
  • Back-end Development
  • Front-end Development

Our Clients

A match made in heaven

Client Media Prima
Media Prima + Wau Animation

On various mobile games projects covering Ejen Ali & Mak Cun IP

Client Allianz

Allianz Virtual Adventure Campaign (Malaysia)

Client Mamee

Mobile Games in collaboration with Ejen Ali

Client Astro
Astro + Digital Durian

On various mobile games projects covering Didi & Friends IP

Client Kodomo Lion
Kodomo Lion

Digital Campaign to win prizes

Client SMM Education
SMM Education Group

Mobile Games for Education Centers

Client Formul8

On various mobile games and interactive projects for Government Agencies and Brand Campaigns (Singapore)

Client VMW

On Augmented Reality Projects for Property visualisation

Client LaPrimeur

Inventory System for Retail F&B

Client Nexium

Games for Medical Events

Client FitMalaysia

Social Media App for Sport enthusiast


And many more!


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